Top 3 tips for playing your first online poker tournament

With the internet breaking boundaries, online poker tournaments are quite common today, betting billions of dollars on every spin. You can also play online poker in the internet poker rooms that we present to you here. In the same way, face-to-face tournaments are also quite attractive for players who are a little more experienced and who have the possibilities of entering them.

Taking testimonies from the best poker players in the world, we can make a quick guide so that novice players can participate in their first poker tournament, either in person or via the web. The experience is often intimidating, especially in a competition, but poker is full of inexplicable events, so anything can happen.

Casino games are associated, and especially poker, with chance and luck. Many people fall into fallacies that instead of contributing to your game, they make you lose more. Therefore, these brief tips will help you not to fall into a bad game and lose money.

Best advices to wing in a poker tournament

1.- Learn by playing poker in online tournaments:

Experienced player and poker commentator David Cámara, better known as Luzago, explains that it is important to learn on online platforms. “I always recommend practicing, having knowledge of the game, of the tables, of the general mechanics of poker, and all this can be easily learned in a poker games portal or participating in a simple online tournament.

When you at least have experience playing online, you don’t feel so intimidated and you know the dynamics of the game well. Once you have participated in a few hands, you will have enough security to better develop your game.

2.- Enjoy playing poker:

Most of the best poker players advise as most important to have fun playing. Although this advice may seem a bit silly, it always works for Leo Margets. She says that when starting out for the first time in a tournament, it is very easy to get carried away by nerves. Therefore, you should go and see tournaments as a simple hobby, something to enjoy and have a better time.

For the player and commentator of poker games, Berri, agrees that having fun is very important. Shaking off the pressure and enjoying the game is a key point to be able to develop your technique well.

Connect with other players, interact, make friends, and create a good atmosphere, but if you find yourself in a complicated situation, then imagine that you are in a virtual environment. It’s just you at that table.

3. Play calmly but mercilessly

This point is influenced by several within it. First, we must have control of the game and for that we must control our nerves, which greatly influence our game and can make us lose great opportunities. Take your time, live tournaments can be quite difficult because you must adapt quickly to the chips, the colors and not to bet more than you should. Therefore, breathe, relax, and think about the previous point, enjoy. Once you have mastered these nerves, to any chance to win, do it without fear, don’t give it a chance.