Do you want to count cards in Blackjack?

Do you want to count cards in blackjack? This is what you should know before doing it

The count allows you to know what has come out you can know if you have high or low chances of winning. Before focusing on looking for a system for counting cards in blackjack, the ideal thing is that you stop to know how it works and especially if it is a legal practice.

How card counting works, how is it calculated?

Many players who want to improve their prizes in blackjack immediately jump into card counting, without being very clear about what this system is about.

Well, as its name tells us, the counting leads us to count the cards that come out of the deck, in such a way that by knowing what has come out you can know if you have high or low chances of winning. When you count the cards that come out, you want to know the cards that are still in the deck and if with them the dealer can bust, and you win.

There are many theories or systems for card counting and that is why we wanted to briefly talk about some of them:

– High-Low system, known as the High-Low system, you should know that it is the most used due to its ease of understanding and use. To implement it you should not be the best in math, but you must learn to use the counting table. Thus, cards from 2 to 6 have a score of +1, from 7 to 9 of 0 and from 10 to Ace of -1.

With this system the cards are divided into three groups, with certain values ​​that when added together give 0 as a result. The important thing is that with these points you must recognize if the remaining cards are high or low. If they are high this will favor you, since the dealer can bust, and if they are low, then the most favored will be the dealer, who will be close to having 21.

– Ace-Five system. This is also known as Ace-Five, which is the simplest you can learn, but clearly its effectiveness is less than the previous one and others that you can learn and develop. With this system you should only pay attention to the Aces and the 5. In this case the 5 is +1 and the Ace is -1. The others are not considered. If when counting there is a high value, it will be a possibly flattering result for the player. Likewise, as we have already told you since the system is not so precise since the advantage obtained may not be so certain.

Is card counting legal or illegal?

To finish, you must be very clear that card counting is not an illegal practice, that is, you can do the count, and no one can forbid it. The systems are then legal, but the problem is that having proven to be so effective in the game they have only been well received by the casinos.

In this way, if you think about learning to count cards you can do it, but you have to be very cautious when applying it within the game in casinos since in these sites, being private places, they can prohibit you from entering if they know or suspect that you are counting letters.

If before going to count cards you want to learn more about the game of blackjack, you can visit sites like where you can find a good amount of information.