Roulette Strategies

Learn about the roulette strategies one of the most attractive and popular games that we can find in casinos today. Therefore, it has many followers and day by day more players decide to place their bets on it. Now, if you are a player who wants to bet on online roulette but does not want to leave his actions to chance but rather wants a strategic game, here we will talk about roulette strategies.

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Start betting with online roulette strategies

When we start talking about roulette strategies it is very important that we make something very clear and that is that generally people tend to get confused when talking about strategies and systems, Many believe that it is the same when in reality it is not.

Explaining clearly, you should know that betting systems are very precise methods that have certain rules to be followed to reduce the advantage presented by the house. Likewise, these systems present these exact indications to increase the chances of winning. Systems we can find many today, the progressive ones being some of the most popular.

On the other hand, you must be clear then that the roulette strategies are presented as guides that can help a lot in the game and that they allow us to make decisions when playing. With roulette strategies, for example, we can decide how to manage our money, which variation of the roulette to choose as well as when to determine the ideal moment to withdraw from the game.

Understanding very well what the strategies are in the game of roulette, you should know that one of the most important and that you should not stop considering is the strategy for the management or administration of your betting money. In this way, what the strategy recommends is that the gambling budget be very clear and above all that the amount of money that you are willing to lose is clear.

The foregoing then leads us to establish a risk or loss limit, which upon reaching them will tell us that we must withdraw. Likewise, the roulette money management strategy will help us choose the game in which we can participate, since depending on the amount we can choose one roulette or another, depending on the minimums of your bets. Ideally, the chosen table has a minimum bet of less than 5% of the budget you have.

Likewise, and returning to the subject of roulette systems and strategies that you must understand that they are different, but not for that reason they must be handled separately. Choosing or developing a good betting system is highly recommended, but it is even better to develop them with the support of a good strategy.

Most popular roulette strategies

If you want to know how to have the best possibilities within this game, it is ideal that you know and apply the most popular and beneficial strategies that are currently available. These strategies are the following so do not stop knowing them:

Prefer variations of the game with a lower house edge. This roulette strategy not only applies to online gambling, where it is easier to find different variations in the same casino, but it also applies to gambling in land-based casinos. In this way, it must be very clear that the European and French versions of roulette are the most recommended to play since they have an advantage for the house of 2.63% and 1.35%. This is because the rules in these games are different and more beneficial.

To begin, you have to bear in mind that in these variations there is only one box for 0 and certain rules are available for simple bets that favor the player when betting, for example, on red or black and the ball lands on the 0 square, which is neither red nor black but green. In these cases, the casino returns to the player a part of the bet and this reduces the house edge in these games.

This does not happen in American roulette, which in addition to having a 0 has a 00 and the rules of returning money when the ball falls in one of these boxes do not apply. In this way, its advantage is positioned at 5.2%.

Another very popular strategy is to place the bets that are most profitable and most likely to get out. Thus, for example, full bets are evidenced with very good prizes, but hitting them is usually very difficult. On the other hand, bets on even or odd and on black or red, although it gives lower payouts, have a higher probability of leaving. In this roulette strategy it is also recommended to avoid bets on the first 5 numbers of the game, which are American roulette bets, and which include 0, 00 and the numbers from 1 to 2. Their probability of leaving is lower and increases the house edge to 7.89%.

Finally, a recommendation that is given to players who decide to bet with strategy is that they first try the strategies that interest them with the help of the free roulette tool. Yu can find excellent recommendations at

Be sure to use this free game and see how these strategies can increase your chances of winning good prizes.