Casino Games

The fast advance of technology allows players to enjoy their favorite casino games online. This means that it is no longer necessary to leave the house to get fun and large prizes. Now, you can play the best games, from your computer or mobile device. Currently, there is a wide variety of games that the player can enjoy in casinos to play online. Whether playing for free, for real money, live or from your mobile.

Top Places to play your favorite games

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Our recommendation is that you check the casino of your preference before start betting in it, so you can be sure that is a legal web site or to visits site such as for great advice in what games to pick. Have fun and get all your emotions out, playing and winning in the best online casinos around the web. Within the top 10 of online casino games, slots or slot machines and table games are in the first positions. They are the player’s favorite games worldwide. Besides, it is also possible that the player can get big profits with them.

Slot machines

Slots are very popular casino games. They are easy to play and have fun and varied themes. There are different types of slots depending on their design and configuration:

  • Slots by lines, from a single line to more than 4,000.
  • Reel slots, from 3 reels to the more modern 5 and 6 reels.
  • Classic slots generally made up of 3 reels and between 1 and 3 pay lines.
  • 3D slots, those that offer 3D graphics and many more special features.


Online roulette is one of the most sought after table games. It is easy to play and has simple rules to learn. The player only must place a bet on a number or group of them and wait for the cue ball to stop at its choice. This game is also divided into several versions according to its configuration. There are available different variations of this game:

  • European roulette
  • American roulette
  • French roulette


Among the most popular card games, online blackjack leads the pack. There are thousands of players who, every day, enjoy this fun game. In addition, they take advantage of the variations in the bonuses to play it. In blackjack, the player faces the dealer for scoring 21 points.


Finally, among the favorite card games, there is also online poker. It is a very popular casino table game in the world. Some versions of this game are also known, which may vary in some rules:

  • Videopoker
  • Texas Holdem
  • Caribbean poker


Baccarat is a fun table game, very similar to Blackjack in terms of its rules. However, the player and the dealer must score 9 points instead of 21 to win. In addition, in this casino game, the player could bet on whether he wins, the dealer wins, or both are tied.

Dice or craps

The dice or as it is also known, Craps, are an ancient game that originated many centuries ago in China. This online casino game consists of a table where the player throws a pair of dice. Then you just must wait for the number you bet on to appear. It is a very exciting game, which will keep the player entertained for hours.

Other Casino Games

There are also other types of casino games, which while great fun, are less sought after by players. They can be easily found in the free online casino, where they are commonly played.

These are generally known as lottery and sweepstakes type casino games. Among them is bingo, a very popular board game in arcades. Both bingo and electronic bingo are played with 25-slot cards. In them are located numbers from 1 to 75 or, in some cases to 90. The Random Number Generator, or the real dealer in a live casino, will draw numbers from a screen. The player will mark on his card the numbers it contains, according to the numbers that are coming out. The objective is to get some winning combination.

Scratch cards are another type of lottery game in online casinos. In them, the player must scratch one or more cards obtained in the casino, to find a combination of numbers. Or, object, according to the type of scratch card you play and the casino where you play. The goal is always to make a profit.